Versatile hot melt coating machine that reduces overhead cost

As you know, adhesive tape is commonly used in every office, business house and industry and even in homes.  This tape contains adhesive or glue which is coated on its surface by using a special technique. The glue is applied by pre-melting the tape and then forcing the tape to cool and thereby allowing the tape and the glue to solidify to the required thickness. This process is done by using a unique hot melt coating roller. Now, one of the manufacturers has introduced a hot metal roller which is capable of applying hot metal adhesives even on Polystyrene (EPS).  The versatile application of this machinery is that it can even roll the materials already coated with adhesive and then heat the adhesive to the required level, and thereby it activates the adhesive.

Wider industrial application:

The hot melt coating has wider industrial application, like, for example, automobile, packaging, construction, textiles, graphic arts and so on. For example, the scratch proof lamination tiles in your drawing room have a coating of exclusive adhesive. This adhesive has been applied by use of exclusive hot melt coating rollermachine.

Process of extrusion coating:

Extrusion coating is one of the important processes of hot melt coating roller technology. In this process, molten resin or adhesive is applied on the surface of the material. The adhesive materials can be applied on paper, polyethylene, aluminum foil, paper board, corrugated board, plastic films and so on.

The mechanism of heating and cooling:

Interestingly, in this technology, the resin is heated up to 320-degree centigrade and then it is applied on the surface of the object. Then the object is passed through a unique chrome plated cooling chamber. This machine forces the object to cool and thereby the resin solidifies to the required thickness.

Other applications:

The utility of roll coaters is not limited to applying adhesives on tapes. It can also be effectively used for applying adhesives to paint, varnish, oil several other products. Further, while applying hot melt you can also manage the thickness of the coating. Thereby, it helps you to effectively manage the viscosity of the coating.

Role of rollers:

In any hot melt equipment, the rollers play a key role. This is because the rollers prevent wrinkles being formed while applying the hot melt. It also laminates the plastic and even flattens the coiled steel. Some of the designs of hot melt machines have rollers which can heat the materials up to 400-degree centigrade and also cool the material to nearly freezing point.

Reduce overhead cost:

In the traditional adhesive technology, water and solvents were being used for coating the adhesive on the surface of the material and thereby it was contaminating the water. But, the hot melt PUR is environmentally friendly because it does not use water at all. The hot roller which is a part of the coating machine eliminates the necessity of separate dryer. This machine has simplified the entire procedure of applying coating on the surface and thereby it has helped in reducing the overhead cost.

Enhanced industrial application:

Considering the importance of hot melt coating machine in this industrial world, it is but necessary that you buy the machines from reputed manufacturers like the Such manufacturers have introduced several versatile machines having greater industrial application. For more details, just visit

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