Simple And Special Ingredients to Spice Up Quick Thai Meals

What can you do to turn an exotic and delicious dish into one that stands out from the rest? By giving it your own unique touch! Thai cuisine is one of the easiest fares a budding cook can learn, for Thai curry comes in ready-made pastes. Read on to find out how you can give quick Thai meals that simple yet special addition your family and guests will surely love.

Thai Buttered Chicken

Special ingredients: parsley or lemongrass and cream

It’s easy to find a good butter chicken recipe on the Internet or in cookbooks, and the Thai version takes it to a whole new level with the addition of tomatoes, chili, and spices. So what can you do to give it that extra kick?

Chopped parsley or lemongrass and cream is the answer! Get them as fresh as possible and chop a tablespoonful as the chicken is cooking. Once the pieces are a nice golden color, sprinkle generously. Once the buttered chicken is cooked, remove from heat and add two to four tablespoons of cream, depending on how much you like and how many pieces of chicken you have. The combination of parsley or lemongrass along with the milky taste of the cream adds a dash of unique flavor that is irresistible.

Massaman Curry

Special ingredient: fresh coconut milk

If you’re not into ultra-hot curries, then massaman is definitely something you should try out. The dish is still rich enough in spices to taste utterly exotic, what with the addition of cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom pods mixed in the paste. Massaman curry isn’t hard to find, making it a staple in many quick Thai meals and turning it highly ranked among lists of most delicious foods in the world.

Its popularity among foreigners and Thai people alike combined with its mild yet distinctive tang has led to plenty of easy Thai recipes you can master, but for the best results, use fresh coconut milk over canned as often as possible.

Tom Yum Goong

Special ingredients: river prawns and chicken broth

Tom yum, a term that is used for a number of Thai dishes that are soup-based, can become a new and tasty way to enjoy prawns. Shrimps are perfectly fine too, but chefs swear by river prawns, which have an intense flavor you can’t get anywhere else.

Add more zest to your tom yum goong by incorporating chicken broth while the prawns are boiling. Doing so will lessen the seafood taste of the dish, which can be more pleasing to those experimenting with Thai fast recipes for the first time, but if you prefer a rich prawn flavor you can avoid adding chicken broth.

By adding special yet easy to find ingredients in your dishes, you give them your own personal style that will turn the delicious and quick Thai meals above into something familiar yet utterly new! And the more you master Thai cuisine, the easier it will be for you to add ingredients into your regular dishes, making you a more skilled cook all around.

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