Do Law Firms Really Need Digital Marketing Services?

How should law firms market in the digital age? There is an astronomical number of people searching for services online, including legal services. The law firms that lack a firm online presence are likely missing out on their core clients especially given the fact that there are thousands of law firms and legal services brokers competing for the same search market. With a proper law firm marketing plan, it is very easy to attract new clients to your services within a very short time.  A good law firm digital marketing strategy will ensure that you are presenting your true potential online to your prospective clients.

law firm marketing plan

Look at the Bigger Picture

First impressions matter, literally, when it comes to online marketing. A lot of buyers will assume that if you are not page 1 of the SERPs, you simply do not exist. Additionally, however, no matter how good you are in your profession, if your legal website does not reflect it, consumers will simply move on and try out the services of your competitors. Consumers generally abandon websites for a number of reasons. These include the following:

  • You are not offering sufficient information about your legal service, experience, professionalism and testimonials by some of your past clients.
  • Your website is difficult to navigate
  • Slow response times
  • Difficulty in finding help on your website

The homepage of the website must offer your prospective clients an optimized online experience in all the areas that matter when it comes law firm online marketing. Without that optimization, you will easily lose your clients to others.

Good SEO

There are some digital marketers that say that law firms really don’t need much SEO, just excellent copywriting but if you consider user behavior in the search engines, that is a misleading posture. A lot of users trust websites that appear first in the SERPs. Search engine optimization refers to the techniques used to boost your website rankings. According to Google, 92% of searchers will click on the first organic result and only a tiny fraction of these searchers will bother to go to page 2. You have to ensure that prospective clients are able to find your website first amongst many competitors.


The importance of blogging for marketing for law firms cannot be overstated. Blogging is a powerful tool through which you can build a close and personal relationship with your readers and prospective clients. You can offer legal tips and advice while also using the blogging channel to generate important business leads for your legal firm. Blogging is also good for your long-term SEO success.

Social Media Marketing

Every law firm marketing plan will include a social media marketing element. Social media serves the same purpose as blogging in that it helps in building relationships with your customers. These are personal relationships that you can easily leverage into business opportunities. If you are running a legal firm, you must be present in social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in order to connect with your target clients.

When deployed smartly, a law firm marketing plan can actually lead to great success in your legal business or legal career helping you build authority and generate invaluable leads.

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