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Is it time to replace your roof? Find out…

Since your roof is not something you check every day, you may fail to realize when it requires replacement.   It is important to learn when to replace your roof, as failing to replace it on time can bring bigger problems. Check your roof twice every year to know if it requires repair or replacement. You can save a lot of money and trouble in future if you discover a problem with your roof early enough. Below are signs that you require the services Commercial roofing Minneapolis Minnesota has to offer.

Water damage

You may associate signs of water damage to different things. For instance, you may associate damp areas on the upper floor of your room to the room being moist or hot weather. Also, you may assume that mildew and watermarks are as a result of rain water entering through the window. These assumptions may be true, but the signs may also mean that you need the services of commercial roofing Minneapolis Minnesota has to offer to replace or repair the roof. You should not assume even tiny watermarks or moulds, as they may be an indication that some water seep through your roof when it rains, or that the roof has cracks or holes.

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Moss and mould growth

You also need to check mould and moss. Growth of moss and moulds outside the roof may force the tiles apart creating a gap on the roof. Such gap can let daylight or water in. Inspect your roof to locate tiles with signs of mildew, moss or rotting. Hire the services of commercial roofing Minnesota has today, right away as continuous water damage on the roof can lead to growth of fungi and bacteria.

Light coming in

Once in a while, turn off your home’s upper rooms’ light and look up to see if there are sun rays penetrating into your house from the roof. The most ideal time to do this is around sunset as it is dark inside your house when the lights are out, and bright outside for you to see entry of light into the house. Entry of light from the roof may be an indication that your roof has holes or cracks. You need to understand that even entry of small rays may indicate that you need residential roofing St Paul MN has to offer, to replace your roof and not just repair.

Aging roof

Different roofs are made from different materials. The most common types of roofs are made of shingles and tiles. These types of materials are likely to succumb to season and weather changes. The age of a roof depends on the material used to make the roof, how you maintain the roof, and how the roof was made.  Since the roof is exposed to diverse weather changes, it is important to hire the services residential roofing Minnesota has to offer to replace the roof after fifteen years.


With the above factors that indicate you need a roof repair or replacement, the fact is that you need to check your roof regularly. Natural wear and tear of the roof and changes in weather condition can cause great damage on your roof if left unchecked. The experts of commercial roofing Minneapolis Minnesota has to offer prefer rectifying roof problems early enough.