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MOTO GUZZI: The Legend Continues

Moto Guzzi motorbikes have been in production since 1921, the oldest European motorbike company in continuous production. Many iconic brands have come and gone, but Moto Guzzi remains in spite of the huge Japanese competition. Piaggio now owns Moto Guzzi, so they have kept their Italian roots. As with most things Italian, there is a distinct style, but they also innovate. For example, they have a close relationship with the University of Perugia. Here, aerodynamic programs are combined with wind tunnel tests, to make sure that optimal wind resistant results are produced. It is possible to purchase a Motto Guzzi, with companies that have Moto Guzzi for sale supplying different models.

What Models Are Available?

Looking at the new Moto Guzzi motorbikes, and in particular the 2015 California 1400 Touring:

2015 California 1400 Touring

This motorbike has a 1380 cc twin V engine. This is a four stroke, four valve engine with double ignition. Hence the name “touring”. With a 20.5 litre tank and 5 litre reserve, this bike is designed to go very long distances. Added to this, there is 6 speed transmission with a final over drive. It could be the specification for a performance car, but this a motorbike. This is the largest V twin engine produced so far in Europe for motorbikes.

Added to this there is a lot of storage space, with 35 litre panniers. There is also scope for choosing different engine specifications, and other details. There is the possibility of further customizing the bike such as the choice of saddles etc. An I Phone can be used as an additional dashboard by using a special app.

2015 V7 II Stone

This is mid range bike when looking for Moto Guzzi for sale. This bike has a 744cc litre engine, with a fuel tank with a capacity of 22 litres, with 4 litres in reserve.

This motorbike uses stainless steel brakes, front and rear.

2015 Stelvio 1200 ABS

In this example the Selvio has a 1200cc v twin 4 stroke engine with a displacement engine size of 1.0 litres. It has a six speed transmission. There is quite a large fuel tank with a capacity of 32 litres and a 7 litre fuel reserve.

An interesting design feature has been incorporated into this bike. The fuel tank has been integrated into the fairing (body shell) of the motorbike and on into the double headlights assembly. With each new model and model development, there are changes and adaptations, which is reflected here. There are changes to the design of the windshield and indicators. All of this adds to make both an elegant design and an efficient aerodynamic profile.

Advances in electronics have helped refine the ignition and cooling systems. Taken as a whole, overall performance is improved along with a better fuel economy and, therefore, better emission figures.

It is not only new Moto Guzzi that can be bought if you’re looking for companies with Moto Guzzi for sale. Choices may also include a range of other leading makes of motorbikes and scooters, such as Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Suzuki motorbikes and Vespa and Piaggio Scooters.

There is also a comprehensive parts and servicing available that match the requirements of the manufacturers.

All About Audi Car Service by BWA Auto

You need someone who is reliable when it comes to choosing a service provider as far as your vehicle is concerned. Audi is an expensive car and the last thing you want is to put it in the hands of mechanics who do not know their way around it. Read on to know the issues to take into consideration when choosing a mechanic for Audi car service by BWA Auto.

Technological capability

The advancements in the field of technology have led to changes in the ways things are done in the modern world in almost each field. Car servicing has not being left out. You need people who make use of the latest technology when attending to the vehicle. You can be assured of a great outcome this way.

Security precautions

You should go for people who go beyond and above duty call to ensure that the customers are served in the best way possible. The breakdown might happen at dawn or very late in the night. You need people who will not choose the comfort of their beds or social life when you ask for their help.

License and insurance

Anything can happen in the course of providing the services. Therefore, you ought to be assured that losses and damages will be compensated for in this case. Only people who have taken an insurance policy cover against such can be able to offer this guarantee. It is them you should be keen to observe.

Technical know-how

You should not let people who are new in this kind of work to handle your vehicle. It is important to ensure that the mechanics have received special training as far as Audi car servicing is involved. Otherwise, you would rather take it to the original manufacturer for this kind of services.


There are some service providers who have specialized in this task. Therefore, you need to compare their prices. You will be able to check the rates which are comfortable to you. However, be assured that you will get Audi car service by BWA Auto at affordable rates. The quality is not compromised too.


One of the easiest ways to determine the person who you should seek services from is through reputation. If a considerable number of people are praising certain service providers, then it is less likely that you won’t be disappointed by them. It is good to use this alternative when you do not have a lot of time to use in searching for a great car servicing center.


There is no point in having to drive for considerable miles to get to the garage. It is advisable to choose a center that is near your area of residence so that you will be saving on time and other resources in procuring the services. You need to consider all the points in coming to a decision on the person you should stick to in this case.

You can get Audi car service by BWA Auto at any point you are at. To learn more, visit

Torn Between a Brand New or Used Peugeot Car? Take a Look at These Tips

Most individuals think that buying used Peugeot cars is a less costly choice. Just what they aren’t sure is that getting a used vehicle might bore compared to purchasing a brand new car and truck. There are many points to evaluate in a used vehicle as compared to exactly what you would certainly have to sign in a brand-new automobile. Lots of utilised cars have air con troubles that the majority of purchasers are incapable to determine. Good thing you can easily find Peugeot air con service centres nearby to fix this problem for you. Used cars vendor might not constantly be genuine to mention the troubles of the cars and truck they are marketing. Therefore, you have to recognise exactly what to evaluate when acquiring any one of the utilised Peugeot automobiles offer for sale in your location. You also need to locate the nearest Peugeot air con service for your convenience. Other than that, take a look at these considerations below when you plan to buy brand new or used car. 1. Know how to handle your funds It is suggested to examine the vehicle rate via numerous internet sites where you could discover an approximated price of the automobile. It might not be the specific price at which your supplier has actually estimated you, yet it could be near the priced quote rate. This makes certain that you are not obtaining ripped off monetarily. Just after you have actually seen the cars and truck, run examination drives and also authorised the agreement documents must you move the cash. Do dual check with a Peugeot 308 service centre prior to paying the priced quote rate. 2. Determine your transportation demands You have to consider the various alternatives readily available in regard to your demands. Since it’s literally eye-catching or affordable, you cannot acquire an automobile that will not satisfy your household needs alone. You would certainly have to remember points such as for how long you would certainly be a travelling, whether you would certainly be driving in snow and also ice, and also if there are some off-road you would certainly be taking. When browsing for Peugeot 3008 service centres, this is not something to disregard. You would certainly likewise need to think of the garage readily available, the variety of individuals you would certainly be lugging as well as the family pets that would certainly be riding in the cars and truck. Check out their webpage at Brisbane City Peugeot 3. Compare various car models It has actually been believed that a certain automobile type might be found in various versions. At the exact same time, it excels to inspect various other versions. They might have positive attributes with remarkable viability compared to those of the design you wanted. Allow your family members opt for you to the auto display room and also obtain their sights on various versions. They might have various sensations for the brand-new Peugeot 4008 Brisbane dealerships offer today. You might purchase a version they would certainly never ever value if you simply stick to exactly what you desire and also not just what your family members desires. Acquiring a brand-new vehicle, particularly a Peugeot model, is a great idea. You require to be practical with the kind of brand new Peugeot car you desire. Due to the fact that your work associate or buddy acquired it, do not purchase a certain version merely. If you desire to acquire the best auto for your household, have some time to assume regarding the elements listed above. You will definitely find helpful tips about brand new or pre-owned cars, their rate variants, servicing history and so on. This will help you choose which car model is ideal for you and your family. If you are looking for a Bowen Hills car service centre or a Peugeot air con service,

Used Car Maintenance and Repairs: How You Can Inspect a Used Car Like a Pro

Brand name brand-new automobiles nowadays are method too costly. Owning a brand name brand-new Ford Exploration makes you feel like a star, you can still choose for an utilized Ford Exploration 2014 design that is a little utilized for half the cost of a brand name brand-new. More information used cars brisbane

used cars brisbane

Changing a used Ford Brisbane car dealerships use is not actually that made complex. Considering that you currently conserved up enough by opting for an utilized Ford, you can now have adequate money to spare to make your flight appearance brand new.

Start From the Outdoors

There is no favored approach on where you ought to begin pimping your flight, however you might be more influenced if you provide its outside a brand-new surface. Afterall, excellent looks actually matter.

Get a Customized Paint Task – To make your trip stand apart from the rest, you can select a shade that is not discovered in any Ford cars and trucks offered in the market. The utilized cars and truck you obtained from a Ford dealer Brisbane has today will absolutely look brand new simply by providing it a great paint task.

Get New Wheels – When selecting a brand-new wheel, do not simply pursue bling or anything that shines. Ensure efficiency ought to be your supreme concern. It would be better if you pick design and efficiency integrated to make your trip look much better and with enhanced handling.

Get the very best Tires for Your Trip – If you choose to purchase a used Hyundai Brisbane dealerships use at a bargain cost, ensure to change the tires for your security and assurance. You would desire your tires to last in any weather so choose all-weather, track and winter season tires for a much better trip throughout the year.

A Great Inside Job

After offering your utilized cars and truck an outside remodeling, its is now time to move the improvement on the within. Great appearances truly matter, it’s exactly what you have inside that counts the a lot of.

Get New Brakes – There is absolutely nothing like brand-new brakes to make your flight more secure. Even if you will not utilize your vehicle for racing, it would still be a benefit if you have a comparable braking system that can easily stop when you require to.

Reupholster Your Interior – Get a distinct color design that would match your outside paint task. You can likewise have a distinct quilt pattern to opt for your seats.

Remember New Innovation

One thing that different old cars and trucks from brand name brand-new ones are the expensive innovation that carmakers integrate into brand-new cars. If you choose to purchase an utilized Mitsubishi, you will certainly value a tech upgrade to make your owning more hassle-free. Time will come when these functions will be needed on all automobiles so make sure your utilized Ford or used Mitsubishi Brisbane dealerships provide is not left behind.

Owning a brand name brand-new Ford Exploration makes you feel like a star, you can still choose for an utilized Ford Exploration 2014 design that is a little utilized for half the cost of a brand name brand-new. Get New Brakes – There is absolutely nothing like brand-new brakes to make your trip much safer. Even if you will not utilize your vehicle for racing, it would still be a benefit if you have a comparable braking system that can easily stop when you require to. If you choose to purchase an utilized Mitsubishi, you will absolutely value a tech upgrade to make your owning more practical. Time will come when these functions will be needed on all automobiles so make sure your utilized Ford or used Mitsubishi Brisbane dealerships provide is not left behind. See more at

Skoda Wagon – Catering to Customers’ Tastes and Needs

The thrill in motoring appeals to many enthusiasts and they even go on to establish in online forums, where they exchange their experiences with the cars they drove over the weekend and so on. In most cases, these forums are created voluntarily and out of a shared interest, almost bordering on admiration for a particular brand of car or even a model. Skoda in Australia, for example, has a robust forum and if you have a Skoda wagon or any of the other model of the company, you could sign up and gain information and share what you yourself have to offer on the subject.

skoda wagon

Each model has some unique features

From a very narrow perspective, one can say, what do you need in an automobile? You just want it to carry you in comfort from point A to point B! But if that was the majority opinion, then you would practically have same types of vehicles on the road all following some set specifications. The world does not operate like that. People invest on aesthetics and comfort and more comfort and also on the latest features in the automobiles they buy and drive. A car like Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo, for example, can boast of a front assist feature that helps to automatically detect objects in front while driving in crowded environments like within cities and will apply the emergency brake if your vehicle gets too close. This is just a small example to drive home the point that each of the Skoda cars Australia dealers sell will be featuring something unique apart from the common specs.

Multi-activity vehicles

The Skoda Octavia wagon sports that luxurious looks in terms of the exterior design and shape and the driving and riding comforts have been given due consideration. By bringing in the ‘wagon’ concept across the models, Skoda has only increased the choice of vehicles for their customers to choose from. In Australia, the segment undergoes dynamic changes year after year and the automobile companies need to be on their toes to understand such subtle changes and bring out more models to appeal to all sections of buyers. That is how the Skoda wagon cars are seen in almost every segment, from Fabia to Superb. There is even a sportsline extension to the wagon model under the Superb brand.

The basic features cannot be compromised

In spite of all these variations and differences between the Skoda wagon models, you will observe that there are certain common threads which will run through all the cars from the Skoda stable. They will relate to the performance of the vehicle, which will be reflected in the pickup, the mileage offered in city conditions and expressway conditions, the comfort with which the car handles during sharp turnings and sudden braking and so on. The next aspect would be the safety features. These include the provision of airbags, the overall build and structure of the vehicle to withstand impact during collisions and as briefly touched above, special features like front assist and so on. On these, there would be no compromise and every model and every car has to pass the tests to make sure the buyer gets a vehicle that will render him or her years of hassle free service.

For additional information, go to sites like and learn.

4 Unconventional Procedures to Repair Hail Damage on Your Car

Every year due to the hailstorms, not only a lot of cars get damaged, but the roofs also get damaged a lot. Well, you cannot ignore the natural calamities like hailstorms. What you can do is take necessary precautions from your side so that the car or roof doesn’t get damaged or if it does, you can repair it. Many procedures to repair a hail damaged car are currently available in the market. You can find all about those tips on hail damage repair - and similar websites offer. Though here in this article, some of the most unconventional procedures are mentioned. Read on to know more about them.

Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR)

One of the most commonly used methods to repair hail damage is paint-less dent repair. If you use this method, there is no necessity to replace a damaged part. In this process, with the help of the necessary tools the professionals get behind the dent and “massage” the dent out. The tools that are used in this method are a bit expensive. Moreover, without great expertise in handling the tools, it is nearly impossible to repair a dent using this method.

Remove & Replace (R&R)

If any part gets heavily damaged by hail, sometimes it is better to replace the part instead of getting it repaired. The bolt-on parts like fenders, trunk lids, hoods etc. can be easily replaced. You can find effective tips on Hail Damage Repair – websites recommend. Unless you know everything on replacing or removing those parts, you might end up paying more labour cost while repairing it! Usually, if you go for replacement of these parts, you can save a bit of money.

Old School Damage Repairing Method

Most of the times, this old school method is used for the restoration of the older cars that have a thicker metal body. If you choose the procedure of repairing to fix your hail damaged car, you might observe that heat is used to expand the metal. The experts use the oxyacetylene torch to heat the metal in the spiral motion around the dented spot. Once the metal body raises, slightly tap the raised area with something like a body hammer so that the metal can relax. Thus, the damages made by hails can be easily repaired using this old school method.

Traditional Repairing Method

Another popular method that is used to repair the damages made by hail is – body filler. Hail Damage Repair – websites suggest some of the traditional procedures of repairing your damaged car.

·        Wash and clean the area to be repaired.

·        Remove the coatings using a 50-grit grinder. Alternatively, a dual action sander can also be used.

·        In order to prepare the body filler, blow the area to be repaired with compressed air.

·        Mix well and apply the body filler on the metal area only; be careful not to apply it on the paint.

·        Using the sandpaper of 80-grit that is followed by 150-grit, the body filler is blocked.


If you are wondering where to look for services to repair hail damage, or whom to ask for guidance, do not worry at all. You can go through the websites like for gathering some idea on such repairing services and choose the most feasible option for yourself.

Mitsubishi New and Used Car Dealers in Toowoomba

Mitsubishi Motors has dealerships across Australia and Toowoomba in Queensland. The importance of international automobile brands having authorised dealers in any location is emphasised by the fact that the dealer has to provide the same level of service to their customers as they do everywhere. The parent company’s philosophy and service assurance has to be reflected in the way the customers are treated at the dealerships. The Mitsubishi new car dealers Toowoomba market has today do live up to these expectations.

Having the Whole Range of Models on Display

To attract all categories of car buyers the Toowoomba Mitsubishi dealer has to always keep in stock, the range of cars the company makes and sells in Australia. This can include the starting level of passenger cars and then the SUVs and the pick-ups. Mitsubishi’s Lancer, Mirage and Evolution are very popular besides the other models in the passenger segment. Similarly, the SUV models like Pajero and Outlander are even more liked by the car owners, and these models sell in large numbers. The car dealers representing Mitsubishi in Toowoomba have to hold these top models in stock and must be able to offer test drives to the customers. Check out len patti

Offering Service and Holding Spares Equally Important

Mitsubishi, like any other big automobile major has its own criteria for evaluating the performance of their dealers and even awarding the best ones. Among the many criteria that they employ, the ability to hold all important spare parts and consumables in stock and offer perfect car servicing are considered critical. The Mitsubishi new car dealers Toowoomba has also have the same responsibility. At one end, there is a need for the car dealer to ensure that the new cars sold are brought in for stage wise service as per the schedule fixed by the manufacturer; in this case Mitsubishi. This could be after the car has run the first 1000Kms, then 5000 and 10000Kms.

The service station staff would be required to be trained by Mitsubishi engineers to bring them up to date on the factors to be carefully observed and reported in every new car. In addition to the actual servicing of the vehicles, from the technical point of view, the way the customer is handled is also important. This means the system for taking the appointment for servicing, making a proper preliminary inspection and handing over the job card copy, informing the car owner of the likely cost of the servicing apart from the free servicing under the Warranty period and also delivering the vehicle at the promised hour. Customers will go back to the Mitsubishi new car dealers Toowoomba has if they adhere to the above working pattern.

Many Dealers Sell Used Cars As Well

While the new cars attract a lot of buyers, there are enough customers who seek the used cars from Mitsubishi used car dealers Toowoomba wide. The reasons are many. One set of people would like to buy a used car only as they might feel it is more value for money. Secondly, the first-time buyers who might have just learnt driving would prefer used cars. Lastly, the repossessed cars get sold through the same set of dealers. The dealer has to provide the same care and service to these customers also.

For more information, just visit us at

Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement VS. Repair Services in St Cloud MN

There are numerous reasons why your car windshield can get damaged – ranging from an accidental hit by a badly aimed ball, to an act of vandalism or even a minor or major accident. Whatever the reason, you may on occasions more than one, find your automotive glass damaged, whether it is extensive or limited to small cracks and chippings, and this should certainly not be taken lightly since it is a serious issue since that concerns you (as well as others’) personal safety and well-being.  It is, therefore, essential that you find the right professional who can help you get affordable auto glass St Cloud MN has, and who can assess the damage caused to your windshield and can determine which course of action, from repair to full replacement – would be necessary.

Auto Glass St Cloud MN

                      Auto Glass St Cloud MN

While windshield damage and subsequent replacement are indeed inconvenient, a complete replacement is not always necessary. If the damage to the auto glass is minimal – limited to small cracks or chippings, a professional auto glass professional can repair the windshield. The professional will at first clean the area, and after that would apply an epoxy resin to fill up the damaged area, which, upon drying up would become a rather invisible part of the glass surface, since it is smooth and transparent. It must be noted, however, that a repair expert in auto glass St Cloud has in these matters should be given the task without any delay, lest you want your minor cracks to expand and finally require the windshield replacement.

However, if the damage to the windshield is severe, or it is a case where repair would not be a good idea, you have no choice but to get your windshield replaced. Your auto glass professional would, as the name itself implies, will completely replace the windshield glass with a new one, which in today’s day and age is much easier and quicker owing to modern tools and techniques.

Now while this may make you dig a little deeper into your pockets, it is definitely better when with experts auto glass St Cloud MN market has. It is safer than working with a damaged windshield and keep in mind that this can make your car more vulnerable to vandalism or theft (or any similar crime); and, secondly, and more importantly, can act as potential hazard to you and others in the vehicles should the damage get worse or should you get into an accident.

One thing that you need to keep caution of while getting a windshield repair would be to make sure that the glass you are using to replace is of the correct type. However, that should not be much of a problem either, since most auto glass professionals today offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass to match your car and its make completely.

With quality auto glass St Cloud MN shops offer, you can get the best completion of the replacement or repair of your windshield as soon as possible, which means you can now get back on the road with your now totally secure vehicle, thereby ensuring yours and others’ safety. At the end of the day, it’s vital for you to remember that what matters is the speed with which one can act. Even if the crack or chip isn’t all that huge, delay in getting it repaired could exacerbate the problem. Dirt, heat, as well as other elements work their way into the crack to make it expand. So no need to wait for tomorrow on what can be done today. For more details, just visit

ATV Parts and Accessories for Suzuki ATVs in Australia

All terrain vehicles or ATVs provide a lot of excitement and entertainment to the people who love riding these vehicles. A sport and adventure loving country like Australia has a huge number of such cross country riders and those who participate in competitions. The ATVs will also have to be maintained in great shape because they rumble through rough terrains, and you don’t want to be struck in the middle of nowhere during the next ride out. To keep your ATV in the best of conditions, you will need the Suzuki ATV Parts Australia based dealer to keep supplying you with the parts needed from time to time.

Suzuki ATV Parts Australia

Make a List of Critical Parts and Order Them

An expert ATV user is aware as to which parts in an ATV would be critical and would have them sourced. If the dealer supplying the Suzuki ATV parts has an online presence and has displayed the various parts on their website, it will make your task very easy. If the parts you need are there and the prices indicated, you could simply order, make the payment and wait to receive the packet.

A majority of the parts of an ATV would be meant to provide protection to the ATV’s critical components. For instance, the CV joints will need the guards to protect them. Some of the other components, like the radiator and oil pipes, will also require to be protected. The expert ATV rider knows that neither the ATV nor the parts of the vehicle come cheap and one must do all one can do to minimise the damage caused to the vehicle and its key components. This has to be viewed from the perspective that the ATVs are indeed put through a gruelling routine while out on the terrain. The supplier of Suzuki ATV parts Australia market has today helps in this endeavour.

Look for Parts and Accessories of other ATVs As Well

While Suzuki ATVs may be popular, there are other brands also available and used in Australia for different purposes. You can also order Kawasaki ATV parts online, and you should be able to find almost all those parts you need on the dealer’s website. The best dealers in ATV parts and accessories will stock ATV rims, tyres and protection parts as dealt with above and a host of accessories which the ATV drivers will need to make their rides less of a strain. The shockies for ATV are also one of the key parts, because these all terrain vehicles virtually jump off the ground and then land back. The best brands of shockies will make sure the landing of the ATV does not affect the rider and the critical components of the vehicle.

Within the various parts and accessories that the buyers would be looking for on the website of the Suzuki ATV parts Australia dealer, there will be different parts manufacturers, most of whom could be original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as well. That makes the selection of their parts safe since they would know the equipment well, and one can rely on the quality of the ATV parts and accessories being supplied by them and stocked and sold by the dealer.